Just when you feel there is no hope…

Just when you feel there is no hope, someone gives you a hand and helps you once again…BELIEVE!

We grow up and realize life is not as easy as we thought it would be. We thought we could change the world. We wanted to be great. But then…responsibility, pain, illness, finances, food, etc… We all have our own story.

This morning I had the pleasure of sitting with two beautiful women whose kindness and love I could feel. I am deeply grateful for this moment of sincerity and compassion in a world that is often dominated by competition and greed.

I was reminded that kindness can instigate great things in even the person you sit next to. If we could all be a little more loving to the people around us, I think we could give strength to others, add hope when it is lacking and hug some souls!

Thank you to these two women who made a difference in my life this morning. Today I believe a little more in truth, in myself and in the goodness of people.

Always BELIEVE-ing,

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