Rice cracker and apple butter snack time!

Snack time is always a fun time in our house. We like to try new things, explore and be playful. The kids eat a lot of fruit, nuts, crackers, hummus and anything else that they get excited about.

When I took out these new organic rice crackers, I told Avery she could have them with peanut butter but she requested jelly. We use apple butter instead of jelly because it is a lot lower in sugar. If you haven’t tried it, it tastes like apple sauce just a little bit thicker. My kids love it and think it is jelly.

Next time, I will definitely try to bulk up these crackers with some peanut butter in addition to the jelly but they had nut butter that morning so I let it slide. She enjoyed that she got to choose her snack. I broke up the cracker into pieces for the little guy and he had a banana as well. 


Rice crackers and apple butter snack time

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