Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child…

This year someone told me to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of my children. They said those precious moments are truly special.

They were right. Each holiday brings so much joy, excitement and laughter into the lives of these little people. It is simply magical. The way their eyes light up when they see Santa, their happiness as they turn on the Christmas tree lights each day, their enthusiasm when they open gifts. The joy in their hearts is something that we can literally feel. We witness them believing!

Although we are reminded of these special times during Christmas, we often experience it all year if we just take the time to listen, to feel and to BELIEVE because these are the memories we will always remember and the moments that make life so special!

Happy New Year! I will be spending a few weeks relaxing with my family! See you next month!


Seeing Christmas Through The Eyes of Children

Seeing Christmas Through The Eyes of Children 3

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